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      Summer, in the small Midwestern town of Atlantic, Iowa, a small boy not yet ready for the first grade
is being pulled down the sidewalk in an old red wagon by his older sister.  The folks who pass by are smiling and tossing dimes and quarters into the little boy's wagon.   Was he begging for money?  Absolutely not.  He was singing "Your Cheatin' Heart" by Hank Williams, the first song he learned and was accompanying himself with a "hand-me-down" guitar on the portable make-do stage of the old red wagon.  The music bug hit Teddy Berge hard that summer and the infection is still alive in his heart and soul today.

      Teddy was encouraged all  his life to pursue music by his grandmother, who would sit with him on Saturday night listening to the likes of The Everly Brothers Show, The Grand Ole Opry and whatever other live country music show that they could pick up on the radio airwaves in rural Iowa.   His grandmother assured Teddy that he would be a fine musician and singer one day.   Turns out that she was right.

      By the age of 12, Teddy had left the old red wagon rolling stage far behind.   He was sneaking into the local bars and honky tonks, sitting in on real stages, playing with all the local bands and soon becoming a regular player who established several bands throughout the next few years. Teddy brings many musical influences into his music.  Early artists who influenced Teddy were Hank Williams,
Elvis Presley, Jim Reeves, Marty Robbins and Roy Orbison.  Contemporary artists include Brad Paisley, George Strait and Alan Jackson.

     Writing and playing music has been Teddy's passion for all of his life.  It was almost twenty years ago when he began writing songs and starting the road to a serious pursuit of a career in the Music Industry.  With several West Coast television appearances under his belt, he came to Nashville in July of 2002 to record his first self-penned CD "Do I Dare" which is being released nationally late 2002 on Jordan Records label.

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